About us


Around Affair is a Web Agency ,

inherits in 2016 the experience gained from RuotAAffari , born in 2012 as an advertising tool and information portal.

Thus began the development towards online commerce and the creation of websites, deepening the best positioning and visualization techniques.

Our strong point is the Social Media Marketing , hub of the worldwide spread of content through the most effective word of mouth, or the Social Network.

We optimize and improve your social experience through Social Media Optimization (SMO)

We increase the performance and indexing on search engines (SEO and SEM) , with professional methods, simple and innovative, improving the profit, without any constraint for the management of its customers

We offer daily, a service with excellent quality standards.



 Our mission is to provide, develop and manage advertising services for small and medium-sized enterprises, with the best quality / price ratio.

We believe in the enormous potential of the web and in all its forms of application, for this reason, every day we experience new services.

Freedom of choice, because we'll never be bound!

With us, the customer is always right!

Competitive, rewarding and above all simple!


Our symbol

The ladybug is linked to the cult of the Virgin Mary, belief founded in the Middle Ages, when the German peasants began to indicate it as a gift of the Virgin, dropped from the sky to their aid, since when they appeared as ladybugs, which were nurtured and saved pest plants and their crops.

The red livery was the mantle of the Virgin, while blacks dots were the symbol of the joys and sorrows that Our Lady had had to face in the course of its existence.

For Native Americans it is a symbol of joy and confidence, while in some Asian countries it was believed that if a person had caught a ladybug and then put it back into the wild, it would fly from his true love, and he whispered in his ear the name of 'amato, thus promoting their meeting.